Cheetos: Dracomania 1


Бразильская версия - нажать ЖМЯК

Параллельно существуют:
- Elma Chips (Portugal-Brasil)
- Mr. Snaki (Poland)
- Cheetos (Greece)
- Dini (Serbia)
The cards for this game were given with the purchase of some chips/crisp brands, namely Elma Chips (Portugal-Brasil), Mr. Snaki (Poland), Cheetos (Greece), and Dini (Serbia). Each bag contained a single card. It was produced by Degoes©, in 2008. Some of the cards have spot uv and some are foil. The simple game is played with a deck of 32 cards for both players, while the advanced game also includes the board. The game reminds of Top Trumps - you and your opponent must compare a single value that one of you chooses: magic, power, or fire, and he who has the greatest value wins the battle.

Версий карточек достаточно много и на разных языках, точной инфы нет, но встречаются разные фото. На досках обьявлений есть даже игровое поле - цена поля достигает 100$ 

Есть и альтернативные - смежные фирмы